What is Circling?

“Circling” is a new way of relating and a spiritual practice that is growing all over the world. It is a dynamic group process that is a mix of art, skillful facilitation and conversational yoga. It is supported by wide ranging research in how adults learn and develop, it is transformational, and it is fun.

Some people call it “relational meditation” and others call it the best way to love the crap out of someone. Regardless of what you call it, Circling is an incredibly powerful practice that raises the bar for what is possible in relationship, personal growth and self-realization. You will be surprised at its richness, depth and simplicity.

Like meditation, or like enjoying a really good meal, Circling is something one must experience to fully understand.

Our Method

In Circling, the attention of a group is skillfully focused on an individual. This person gets to feel the impact of being supportively seen by others while also experiencing their honest in-the-moment feelings. The process revolves around connection, understanding and a deep authenticity between people.

Our method capitalizes on the time we have together to immerse participants in the practice of Circling. While we start with warm up exercises—including instruction on how to feel bodily sensations, emotions, thoughts, and inquire deeper into the experience of others, most of the direction and guidance happens in real time, during the circles.

We believe this is more deeply aligned with the principles of authenticity and connection; it also allows us to participate with more presence and vulnerability, leading by example in each moment.

We are committed to participants learning how to integrate their new awareness into their everyday lives. As a result, we use a variety styles—“birthday,” “organic,” “triads” and less structured big group practices. Through this mélange, many participants get more than personal growth—they also see previously invisible group dynamics and leave with an experiential understanding of some the universal trials of joys of being a human.