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Integral | Spirituality | Leadership | Community Psychology and Development through the lens of Integral Theory: book: Integral Psychology, Ken Wilber (amazon) A Beautiful Apocalypse (when released) articles: 9 Lvls of Increasing Embrace, Suzanne Cook-Greuter Intro to Integral Theory and Practice, Ken Wilber Authenticity through the Integral Lens, Jordan video: Ken Wilber and Chris Grosso interview audio: 12 hr: Kosmic Consciousness, Ken … Read More

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Derek: Enter $294.44 in the blank and that will be billed each month. $ USD Sign up for We’ll cancel after 9 pmts, which means if you pay this in one month (May), we’ll cancel after the January pmt, if you end up starting in June, we’ll cancel after the Feb pmt, etc. Thanks! Have an awesome awesomeness fest.

Ten major benefits of Circling

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Ten major benefits of Circling Gives you the experience of “being seen” and known for who you really are. Reveals your “blind-spots”— exposing habitual ways of thinking, being, and acting that keep you from living the life you want. Opens you to the immediacy of presence, aliveness and a state of flow. Creates deep and meaningful connections and builds community. Makes … Read More

What is Circling?

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What is Circling? “Circling” is a new way of relating and a spiritual practice that is growing all over the world. It is a dynamic group process that is a mix of art, skillful facilitation and conversational yoga. It is supported by wide ranging research in how adults learn and develop, it is transformational, and it is fun. Some people … Read More